The Decorly working process consists of three distinct phases

  • Information gathering: This is the most important phase in which the greatest amount of information is collected regarding tastes, preferences or requirements of our customers. This information allows us to adapt the designs to the specific needs of our customers. We mainly ask for the following sources of information:
    • Questionnaire to determine the customers particular design needs and preferences.
    • Photos
    • Plans with dimensions and specific needs or concerns
    • Contact details, phone and email
  • Realisation: each of our services has specific delivery deadlines. During this time, we study each case and begin work on the project. Normally at this time we get in contact with the customer to clarify any doubts or small design issues.
  • Delivery: the documents are delivered online directly to the e-mail provided by the client. After the delivery, the customer has an opportunity to make changes or improvements on the plans at no additional cost.


Below, we explain briefly all the different parts we deliver with the project: 


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