Your interior design studio online


Decorly is an online interior design studio that is born out of the aim of offering customised interior design projects in a simple, fast and comfortably way.
Simply, you have to fill out a questionnaire for us to get to know your taste and to give us all the required information of the space to renovate. We will deliver the project via email and resolve any doubts you might have about it

All this in a quick and practical way. We offer current and quality designs, minimising the time spent by our customers thanks to our online recruitment service and its ability to visualise your project before hiring it —undoubtedly, the vision and goal of Decorly.

Comfort is not incompatible with the exclusivity and the latest trends in decoration. In Decorly we work with the industry’s strongest software and with that we add all our excitement. Your project is our project, the result of our professional training and good taste.


We use the latest computer technology to design your project. With the right tools we can get excellent results tailored to the needs and tastes of our customers with precision.

Latest Trends

In Decorly we are always up to date on the latest trends in interior design. You will enjoy a project that successfully combines your personal taste and current trends.

Direct to your Inbox

Thanks to our process of obtaining information we do not need to visit the room to be re-decorated. You will receive an email with a project based on the contracted services, always tailored to your needs and personal taste.



We have three types of services that adapt to all the demands and needs of our customers. Each project includes a selection of services based on the degree of detail required for the decoration or distribution of the space to be designed.


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